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Post by Roin on Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:08 am

*Warning, the following contents involves a 'kind' of rapping, Irunno some say it's not but hey I decided to call it that*
Well first of, a bit of info on the vids: Some dudes rapping their way through megaman 2 and final fantasy, basically.
So I guess that if you dont even remotely like rapping, cant say I love it, you will probably not like these vids, but since the music is nostalgic to me AND I kinda like most of the lyrics, I think they're pretty good ^^

Soooo conclusion: I don't think I'd like them if not for the nostalic value of the music so I think that's an important factor Razz I DUNNO just listen if you feel like it.

Vid 1
Vid 2

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